your naked
shiny hurt
on the stool
of ass
mission of fingers
making murder
in my eyelashes
of grieving
love’s cake,
eat now
or be eaten
by the insect
with deathly stomach
my aims
of dying
like a loose
falling somewhere
when in a jerk
hop off

Absurd Poetry

2 thoughts on “run

  1. Good. Përhaps not a genious, not an absolute revelation , but still good. We have pleasure to read you.
    By the way, WHERE are you now ?
    In Europe ? Or in America ?
    The question is : Do you already know BRITTANY ?
    Saludo compadre desde Breizh / Bretaña !

  2. Oh by the way : Since I’ll be in Occitany / Occitània , and I won’t have much time left to surf on the electronic waves, please do answer me to my personal e-mail address , which you have since you run this Blog ;
    te apetece mas que te escriba en Castellano ? ( Castellano de la Iberia Septentrional !)

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