something of night

Stepping-stones on an open fall
my limbs remind me of crying cataracts
the fall is unique
relative to some approaching infinity
all my thoughts are grounded solely on the black stream
an overarching view of decay
some inexplicable love wraps the beauty of my despair
trust? there is an absolute leap of faith
relying less on the Goodness of this destruction
more on the emptiness of my command
whatever remains. An option to abort
a compulsory surrender
that carries this night
as a flavor to life.

Nihilistic Poetry

One thought on “something of night

  1. Something about the video that reminded me of a painting that I love by Kandinsky called: The Riding Couple (1907) One of his earlier and less abstract pieces. I loved this video for its simplicity and how it leaves the viewer to meander through in speculation and wonderment.

    And this: “some inexplicable love wraps the beauty of my despair.”

    Is right up there with something Donne might have said. I don’t think I have heard anything quite as beautiful since “Magnanamous Despair, upon impossibility.” Beautiful poet… Beautiful!

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