true history

I have been standing
for the last decade


people call me weirdo


what am I waiting for
in this passive


I will tell you


the glimmer in the eyes
at the exact moment
when the next one

that everything is in its right place

and nothing more needs
to be done


the rest is fable.



Modern Poetry Blog 

7 thoughts on “true history

  1. that’s for you to decide. I’m simply standing. . .

    (nice blog you have – big questions to answer or to sip as cocktails that will inebriate you with the ecstasy of uncertainy. Welcome aboard to my never-ending bacchanalia!)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hi, Pablo. I googled “absurdis poetry” and found out your blog. What a great discovery. Despite I’m not able to fully comprehend some of your poems, I really like what I’ve read. Actually, that’s life. Even if we shared a language maybe we would not be expected to understand each other, just because absurtidy of existence. You’ll probably wonder who is this guy, what he wants. I’m a Brazilian poet, and like you, I’ve been looking for the meaning(less) of life.

    See you!

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