a matter of things


It’s in the ambivalent
of the word
that I encounter
the plain
that surround us
like fences
of yesterday
the external
inanimate junk
that seems
a reflection
of the sublime
the objective wasteland
that is
to the subjective Edens
it is in that sense
of duality
I see all things
the nascent
finite infinity.




Nihilistic Poetry

4 thoughts on “a matter of things

  1. Seeing the world components gives rise to understanding the wasteful nature all around us…I rather liked the way you phrases your poem and in particular the last line.

  2. pablo,

    is that you on the photograph? just asking. nice surreal shot.

    on the poem, you confronted the ambiguity as the one that gives clear meaning. i guess, subconsciously it is, when real words have lost their essence and meaning. there are things in the unreconciled past that keeps on bouncing back in our present and future. some words and thoughts that begs to be revealed in their naked light.

    i enjoyed reading this and i love the images i am seeing here.

    all the best

  3. The poem forces one to think of lives many wastes – material things, minuets and time never spent or lived, thoughts suppressed or just never expressed. It’s easy to fall into deep thoughts over the text but then you look at the picture and are rushed back to reality.
    Unexpected combination that really adds to the experience.
    Thanks for charing!

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