wide awake
yet engulfed
in bottomless dream
how to undress
be raw, nakedly raw
while the great wave of tomorrow
usurps all my vain hypotheses
the crystals in the air
swirl in entrancing patterns
I’m guessing
whether to cross this street
or return to the wreckage
that floats over the nothingness
of the world
then the mist descends
and engulfed again
in that sewer full of the debris
of revolutions and broken sciences
how to plant my heart
far away in the fields
where light

3 thoughts on “approximations

  1. Perhaps one needn’t go anywhere at all; perhaps he only needs to open up his inside and into himself retreat.

    It’s being human that’s been lost, being in touch with one’s roots, being able to live in the real.

    Ultimately, one must make up his choice and stand behind it with his full weight; I’ve read too much, I thought too much, I walked too much and it’ll be a shame to stay where I am; I must jump, in myself I must have faith, I must become who I am.

    Aloneness is not a physical state; first and foremost it is spiritual alienation. Hence the going, the journey, is spiritual as well: thinking is its act and creating its finest and most sublime wine.

    Some thoughts along those lines:

    We are the world, we are the nothingness identifying itself.

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