On Art or the Philosophy of Art



Art is perception. Perception with meaning. Meaning that goes beyond the insipid realm of words. Philosophers have in vain struggled to define reality. Careful consideration will prove this to be the most absurd conundrum. By definition, the only objects we can define are words. The act of defining is providing an object of reality a corresponding word to name it. Words are sign posts. They point to something other than themselves. Existence is not a word. An attempt to define it is as impossible as to receive nutrition by naming all the ingredients in the plate of food in front of you. Knowledge is not words. Knowledge is to grasp the meaning behind the words. If it were possible one day that, at the peak of our scientific and philosophical endeavor, we attain awareness of all the processes of nature and biological life we may set up a (sign post) model of the whole of reality with words and mathematical formulas, all we’ve done is created a new universe, a replica of this one in our heads. We wouldn’t have defined reality, we would have reproduced it. Reality does not have a meaning, it is meaningless. The only objects that have meaning are the man-made. Or more precisely, meaning comes through as man is The Beholder of the World. A tree does not have meaning, it is not false or true, it just is. Veracity and falsity are only found in our propositions about things, not in things themselves. By nature we are beings that dwell upon Meaning. We are in love with the quest of finding an image of ourselves. We want to become contemplators of our own intimate nature. As the highest quest in life is to know oneself through and through we create mental images of ourselves. For once we have a complete image of ourselves we surpass it, we are new individual with a new knowledge, in short, we are born again.


The objects of art pursue this conquest. They speak to us in perceptions of form and color. They illuminate the objects of our world and their relationship with ourselves. They are, in the highest sense of the word, philosophical. For philosophy. in the most naive sense, is reflection. The Objets d’art reflect the world the surrounds us and is hidden within us, they provide a laboratory for transforming our being. Art materializes into the physical world unspoken intuitions that make up our inner constitution; we bring forth into the world a mirror that reflects our cavernous soul. With the images of art we can shape our mind, for our mind is like a block of marble. The art of life is to mold this sculpture; it is the process of transformation that is at the heart of life itself.

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