Unreadable Poem

Dipping the feather of the imagination in the ink of eclipsed wounds
The insufferable stupor of recovery staining our creative dejection
Our rejection, the simple negation to all illusory satisfaction
When have I seen you clearer dear Nature
is it not when I carry swollen heart beats
The last, at last, strength necessary
to care not and endure resignation
And you carry on, bemusing me
with irrevocable volatility
savagely laughing
at all temporary maxims
That life loves to refute these
Make our grasping unsuccessful
Our understanding a tragic comedy
How to deal with your sickly transitoriness
Lasting revelry enjoyed by the nihilistic-spirited
The few that cultivate their joy in uncertain opinions
Friendly foe! Bearer of all things, transform my low seductions
Turn me into a prisoner of your suspicious truth, and my words
                                                                                                        will never draw near it.