The color of uncertainty

Very pleased to have my second solo exhibition at Red Door Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Address: Møllegade 23 A, kld. tv, 2200 Kbh N.

Opening date: September 16th
Time: 4pm – 7pm

Exhibition runs from September 16th to October 9th.

From the event’s description:

Red Door presents THE COLOR OF UNCERTAINTY, featuring the latest works by Costa Rican-Danish artist Pablo Saborío.

After a period of unrest, isolation and existential uncertainty, Saborío wrestled with the darkness of his mind to create new works that explore the potency of color as a means of achieving catharsis – the purification of emotions through art, which culminated in a sense of renewal.

The works exhibited feature pulsating fields of dynamic frenzy while simultaneously (and paradoxically) being in a state of composure. Saborío utilizes different mediums such as paper pulp, ink, acrylics, and wood on acrylic glass to create stunning effects.

These are some of Saborío’s ‘last paintings’ before he transitioned toward video poetics, a merging of experimental video art and poetic discourse.

THE COLOR OF UNCERTAINTY will also feature a display of many of Saborío’s video productions.

Beer, wine and refreshments will be served for the opening.

Pablo Saborío is a Costa Rica-born artist and poet based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This will be his 5th solo exhibition in Denmark since 2015 and his second solo exhibition at Red Door Gallery, after RETURN TO SOURCE (2016).