delicate delusions



the scaffold
leaving the arc
of his head pressed
against the blue horizon.
The world pulls calmly his hairs
until clouds are wet winds of white distance.
The hand organizing, playing the music of meaning
in strong steps, structures of size, rooms the shape of moons.
The man sleeps with the night tightly wrapped around his naked arch.
The street was pixelated with the yellows, crimsons and cadmiums
of thin leaves that clung like things leaving their mother’s veins.
The mouth took in the morning and the air snoozed a minute
before it rose, a wisp of paper infinitely exiting the world.
The day held its edge lightly above the lake
where swans wrote delicate delusions
on the waters’ smoke; the clouds
glitched, errors on the screen
once the eye caught serpent
moves on the silk that was
almost as blue as the sky,
the lake, the eye
all being

a realist

élan vital poetry

I found
the shadow
carpeted with

I couldn’t
leave the
island of my

to break and free
as a sky without
zenith, I sunk
into a low and
blue tear

then morning hung
as the erotic
fluvial voice

this mouth is a gash
that never heals
thrusting verbs as blood
in the bloating thought

I look down
to find my shape
covered in otherness

I was there
alloyed WITH
the world

the élan and heart

in immeasurable desire.









Existential Poetry