you as landscape

You, flesh and bone,
gas and scars
of phenomena.

My hand slides down your ranges
into the pockets of pleasure,
the possibility of birth and gargantuan

The winding road of decisions
and the soporiferous wind blowing
of distant causes.

The trees have danced,
reenacting the groove of colliding
cosmic bulges in the rhythm
of passing gusts.

We do the same?
In silent gaze, creating
the torture of possibility
with endless and mapping thoughts?

You and winged beasts
from dawn. Red and innocent –
open mouth and chants
from the sky… where
we belong as tinges
of intangible.



Nihilistic Poetry Blog

3 thoughts on “you as landscape

  1. every poem of yours has mind fucked me. what are you? every phrase in your poetry makes me nervous with the incomprehensible yet obvious truth, and has made my heart beat wildly. keep up the brilliant work. would love to meet you.

  2. yes. even saying that your brilliant work has intercoursed my mind, isn’t worthy enough. really, may you be the beast of nothingness and may you be full of brilliantly mad nothingness, that mere humans can only dream of. may your nothingness shine as dark as the eternal void of this pregnant universe. yet you are full of life and spark. it is after a very long time that someone’s true art has made me so nervous, with a truth I just cannot put into words, that I had heart palpitations. thank you for this madness.

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