More or Less

Twilight and morning are now irresistible  

    they hang above like motherless children 

there is no reason to believe in one or the other 

           all the insects swarm this local abyss 

fortunate, for us, all minutes randomly orbit an hour 

    anywhere is home, or else, unfettered lives would not be possible 

  reentering again a field of silences 

          morning or night or true or false 

were all excluded 

             an intimate void 

more or less… yours.

4 thoughts on “More or Less

  1. Thank you for confirming that, Pablo.

    “all minutes randomly orbit an hour”
    I had to stop and think about that one. Good for you!
    And I thought it was all so orderly.

    Nowhere and everywhere we feel at home.
    That’s a good reason to be grateful we’re here.

  2. A nihilistic acceptance, yes. That’s what is beautiful of humble nihilism. Take away the imperative of your opinions, anything is possible, anything can be true. The world opens up, no longer enclosed by the inherited veil of the centuries.

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