none to fuck you you fuck you fucked youth

I have swallowed
all the colors of hope
and in my thirst
I still despair
like a black figure
set against the white emptiness

I’ve peeled off
the last sounds
from the mirror of music
still to be deaf
in the dead opaque dawn

while all the textures
and elements of the planet
offer me a cocoon
of velvet sensation
like a colorless rag

I still fall towards the night
of crude silence

I have thought out
all the possibilities
but the environment
of the heart is
still raw and incomprehensible

so touch the lips
of rain
or draw the
direction of

I owe none
I owe none.

One thought on “none to fuck you you fuck you fucked youth

  1. Living is but only once. Purpose and cause no more than myths; direction, no more than a figment. Within such a span, owing none is the only reality, as none will owe us in turn. The joke of equivalent exchange is on us. Kiss the rain, dance the maddened dance of damnation, glide to the sun with the waxen wings of love, for these are luxuries we won’t always have…the rummage goes on

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