history of the abode


There was home.

Clay closed around
terrestrial things.

There was a time.

When we were burning,
working under the
astronomy of the leaves.

There was a tool
and we planned like kings
some horizon for our blood.

There was house.

A storm made of war
like a word made of hell.

There was a continent.
A march across a broad
month in groups of large
silver stars.

There was a trauma.
Mucous like iron
in the continuous
light of the extinct.

There was a mountain.
An absolute struggle
where almost cosmos.

There was a square.
Where mystery was
a brilliant white arc.

There was a home.

When purpose and space
were known a hundred
years ago.

There was a home.

When water was the only
line of music under
the silence

of the cloud.

Contemporary Poetry

Qué sería nunca llegar



Qué sería nunca llegar
a ninguna puerta,
ningún cuerpo, ni alma
ni parte.

Qué sería permanecer estirado
como repleta madrugada
sobre total polvo de una luna
jamás vista.

Qué sería deslizarse
a rincón y estremecerse
como entera sombra
bajo un árbol lento
y nuevo.

Qué sería perderse
en inmenso fuego
y desprenderse de la antigüedad
como humo
de duro gris.

Qué sería dejar
el tiempo dorado con palabras
pero nunca apretar el aire
que nadie entiende.

Qué sería medir
de hora a luna
la claustrofobia de la prisión
de la conciencia.

Qué sería nunca llegar
a ninguna tierra,
ningún tamaño, ni carne
ni idea.

Poesía Contemporánea

fields of visions


Long breadth
an afternoon
in the ebb to unknown
was braver ago
than this flow of impetus.

The endlessly ontological
thrust of here. In accordance to
some laws rooted in seed and smoke,
a dab of cosmos along the tracks
early in the familiar day.

Awake, awake and a consequence.
For here is the strength to lift
the poison of life and its powerless

This body still nested
as soft dull, still, born, erosion.

Then, at that point,
I perceived that all around
me were fields, fields
of wheat and leaves.

I perceive the sun
as particle in
the lazy pulse
of the sea.

Then deep smaller
motion creating
the assemblage of hours.

To them as tight
as horizon, in the
feminine shadow of



Contemporary Poetry

la invisibilidad del mundo



Quiero quitarle al mundo su capacidad de piedra.
Amarrarle las alas y fugarme con la luz tibia
de un detalle. Siempre encontré este terreno
bastante invisible. Gris y buscando un frío
de fresca tristeza. Sintiéndome como una vela
apagada en una nocturna nada. Estos dientes
saben morder la idea. Con furia pero lenta
la misma desnuda invisibilidad del concepto.
Es ahora cuando quiero quitarle al mundo
su temblor de océano. Amarrar el fondo
del colibrí al barco que lleva mi edad. Ahí
está todo tan espejo que no deja rastro
como una música durmiéndose. Es hoy cuando
le quito al mundo su esqueleto de astros
para por fin derretir su vacío sobre mis ojos.



Poesía Contemporánea

I leave earth


I leave land tonight.
Hawk to haw.
Tonight, I’ve landed.

Nothing but sound
that bleeds into the
night. Like vital ripple,
along the edges
of wind.

I leave.
Like simple army.
In eight or 8.

Of the air and the
antrum of galaxy.

I leave the earth
bruised with memory,
I cleave to dust
that is heavier
than the

I leave already
the toy of this

I leave paradise,
like a land above

My shudders.
I’ve selected the flowers
that collide and the weak
islands that are seen.

I must leave the leaves.

Like the people that love.

I must sail a modern flame of palms,
and act like a massacre of morality.

If pulley is confounded with plague
and the sky like a scream of a drunken

I leave, grotto and volcano
and life as hour and dream.

I daaa.
an da.

I leave the earth of mirror
and marrow.

I rhyme a depth like
a prisoner of laugh.

I leave and tonight.
Sense and behold.

My mother, all alone,
against the door.



Contemporary Poetry