I hear the world

I hear the world - Poem by Pablo Saborio

I hear
the world celebrate
another hour
another drop of time
another innocent tick of the clock
their voices unite in aggressive shapes
of extreme joy
another noon
another fulcrum
their austere clasped hands
held high in new directions
upon a crescent
rising towards a vanishing point
another compound
another openness
sirens wail in the open street
the cavalry proceeds in metal consonant
another descent of the moon
another compendium of light and shadow
I hear the world
positively amidst the churning voids
proceeding full of gaiety and culture
another pyramid
another stretch
I hear them
almost transcending the bronze
of the horizon
another century
another column toward infinite
their bones are statues with slanting
I hear the world
celebrate the happiness of the arc
another navel
another marble testament
a world without king
I hear the wind intersect
the hollow texture of the dream
I hear them
unified in tempo
against nothing at all.

Nihilistic Poetry

Façade (or the ontology of walls)

ontology of walls

the walls have existed
alone before I was born
in spirit molding matter
a presence alighting on our fields
against nothingness, they have existed
floating above the secret –
the walls, the reticent walls
sustaining their own weight
sustaining pale coats of paint
alone before I was born
alone after we all die
the walls of buildings
where to keep my shadows
a sojourn a refuge
a stairway into the basement – more than that
a sorrowful edge
the walls stand sloughing the horizon
the walls stand seeping the miracle
they have existed
long before I had set my eyes
on their silent countenance
long before their bricks
congealed into purposeless

Modern Poetry



lift up the glass
don’t drink
be one with the drop
under the glass
a miniature sky
swipe it with the hairs
of your arm
nostalgia from your mouth
honey on an elegant moustache
don’t laugh
your head is a surreal
boulder suspended atop a blade
be gone
stand under an oblique shadow
like a marble torso
pierced in agony
lift your fingers
five candles burning
with the oil of touch
you’ve been sleeping
while the days melt
into grotesque dozens
collect yourself
look around you
the invisible raw overtones
the cones elongated masks
perspectives as wide as yellow
despite its meaningless emptiness
I’m sure this is beauty
stagnant between two words
as it happened
sometime now
eventually never.



Absurd Modern Poetry

nube delgada

noche de lluvia

La lluvia
desfiguró la ciudad.
Abrí mis manos
y escaparon tantos cometas mojados
el viento arrastró los pies de arena
se ahogaron las casas sin color a tierra
arrancó los carros como pétalos de débil flor.
Se llevó todo.
A mi padre con ojos de león adormecido
mi madre y su almohada de plumas.
Pasa como navaja amputando
las sombras de mis alas pintadas.
El caos y el agua;
las lágrimas y los años.



Poesía Absurda

a night (to arthur rimbaud)

arthur rimbaud wine poem

I have dreamt of
all the empty drying hairs
of the hanging towel

and then
sat by the gloom
resting on the every sip
of an infinite bubble of beer

whatever was foreign
came inside like pain
we then embraced
as wings made of feathers

the sun has sunk into structure
like an invisible tunnel
coiling around the sound
that a pair of lips dropped

and there is the mystery
of the tint at the edge of wide
nature softening like warm snow
at the shore of a blue eye

suddenly the windows
open like a mouth
and the smell of memory
leaves the room
like rustling from the hearth

there by the color
that was so wide as morning
an absurd hand fell
perturbing the surface
of black immensity

that earth consumes motion
adopted pale mirrors of battles
so it shines like a monument
of groans and poetry

a parcel of blood
has trembled
an ocean of thought
has become short as grass

somehow light
escaped as a carefree crystal
by evening a kiss
has woven a vowel of skin

the glaciers of feelings
have a glow and a vision
nearly as beautiful as a face

by the rivers of factories
a century of quantity
because the comedy
transcends the dome

cities, reasons, gulfs
clusters sojourning
in the young greenery
of the storm

soon the saint
will hunt a harmony
the criminal
a wooden blue

I have a sin
a confession as hard as tooth
the shoulders carry
the burden of meaning

an immediate august tear
as calm as knowledge
sunburnt women
naked as cherry trees

somehow we sleep
the branches at an angle
mixing with the mute heroism
of a dancing future

all is ending
when all history is drifting
a virgin parabola
turns into gold

be what it is
the night of god
a tree of nothing
all imageless damage

heaven obscured the woman
that laughed in my hidden eternity
the drunken driftwood
has floated into seasons

when the wall is wet
and the sky feels like a bed
a nostril or a breast of love
our struggle ends in a shadow

open window

open poetry

perspired in ripple
dragged by impetus
over vain terrain of event
a paper full of waste
is dropped into water
it lives
burgeoning like a flower
we flush
while the ash still clings
to the fingers
at the light
I stop
feeling the cornucopia of memories
solidifying as crystals in a cave
the petals of sweat
have drowned in a spiral
the longest arch
cuts the sky
from my cigarette a
doddle escapes
to meet the gliding
serpent of the stars.



Modern Poetry