irresolute heroes

The heroes, or the emission.
happiness and earthquake
the sound soars
blindly behind curtains
of my perception

there are pieces
that I have forgotten
about myself
like the blackened scar
of shell beneath a foot
in morbid beach

a beauty.
recently creating
the drug that fixes me

there have been lauds
highly articulate sources
floundering as brush stroke
in broken verses

to age!
alive heavy with struggle
and purely irresolute.




tic Poe

to the end of days

end of days poem

careless evenings
youth, dream, iron
with a fossilized joy in my face
I put on the chains
to await bitter destiny

it is freedom
far beyond art
it is an activity with no ideal
that I pretend to know

one day the hand that writes
transforms into rock
rock turns into sand
and that sand prolapses
into nothing

and a silent
is vestige
of vacuous past

in that haste
of a gamble
I fooled around with desire
noise and love,
reckless towards
the assemblage
of oblivion


tic Poe

descenso al objetivo

en su cueva
donde dormía
volcando el deseo
en un cráter de inactividad

era una añeja paz
convocando los ojos
a ver el mundo como
arbitrario detalle

la noche
que pinta todo azul
y el cometa que choca
contra el humo del

con voluntad de isla
dormía en su cueva
volcando la ambición
en un charco de vapor

al objetivo
que se siente
ser pez natural
en mar de sueño.



the blurry horizon is infinity itself



If we become survivors
the elect few
to renew the significance
of toil and dream,
if we are the last
two Rimbauds in lands
of shadow and cave,
what message will be engraved
in the red clay of poetry,
will we bring the knife close to earth
carving steep heavens in the surface of rock?



Nihilistic Poetry

a lo monumental

La sangre tremenda
de piel a ley
el monumento de piedra
colmado de augurio en la soledad
de un silencio campesino;
la muerte ha pasado como un invierno
sobre las capas secas de las semillas
ha dejado una noticia amarilla
en la tierra,
hay algo impregnado con ímpetu
algo con sombra de ciclo
de nombre antiguo
los destinos
de la raza.


desire of light

desire of light poem

this film
phantasmagorically alive
the wave is sensuous motion
a cusp of existence inwardly
joy by another name
in perishable lands of laughter
my child, you are born
and fiction begins
blood recedes as pound of music
descending cutting the cello in two
life drips as the dawn flower meant to pray
the cry is yours, crossing the sphere
of music tenderly
as a desire
                  of light.