Madness is the

like the powerful sun

shining waste

over 40 blocks of metal


strings that form a braid

braids stitch  on us

thirsty loneliness

a mile machines

cannot reach


find me a gulp

of eternity, an inch

of Godhead

I’ll stop the soft drugs

coffee, sugar, TV

if you promise twenty

forty years ahead

I will encounter timelessness 


madness is the irrevocable

     a table

with all the books of genius

and a noose


to sleep!

where my wakeful hallucination

finds its soul mate: dreams


madness the


two hours before two

      more hours


 I shit and eat
and fathom the origins
    of the universe
tears come because I am
    trapped between
       amongst idiots
 reaping nothingness

I cry because

madness consumed

all intelligence and determination –

the endless parade of perception

       of one day

exchanged for 24 hours

60 minutes

seconds of oblivion


and eternity

that never kills but



madness is the


a hopeless trap

within the miracle

         of existence


Nihilistic Poetry


absoluta lejanía

El sol




claro color


cambia hoy


a sombra


sol de noche


sal en el aire


cuando me acercaba


acariciaba otro ser


otro humano


como yo


pero, no


cielos oscuros


cambia hoy


piel en roca


vista en sombra


evento solitario


                                               absoluta lejanía


total absorción.

aumentan los violetas y los rojizos

Corre destrucción

antes de que sea muy tarde 

techados están los temores 

y los vientos huelen a melancolía 

llega el fin de una era 

el fin de todas 

ajústate el cinturón 

vacía los sueños 

corre a la punta 

al final de una trayectoria confusa 

moviliza las legiones de verbos 

como el catastrófico hábito de planear – 

las burbujas del vino 

las burbujas de la existencia 

se estallan… se fugan 

tensiones se van disminuyendo 

el agua de un mar sin nombre 

envenenando el continente desconocido 

corre, destrucción 

despliega todas tus flotas 

arranca el motor del sinsentido 

aumentan los violetas y los rojizos 

anochece paz, ahóguese la multitud 

la lengua está fría 

la voz no tiene dirección. Ven, 


es hora.

thus we die

Grow because

death is a plant

these errors are twigs

more regrets

furthering rooting

if it is too late

wreck beyond repair

souls, human or other

desire demise

no help

is available for them

for us?

we wait it out

thus we die in resignation

thus we die.

Nihilistic Poetry

Once written on 8.13.09

A night becomes clouded
as we sometimes say
‘things happen’
abstractly, indifferently
that it is suddenly August
a veil of intellectualism
is lifted
a human face looks up
mine, yours, whatever
there are clouds, ideas, philosophies
up there
we look down, you, me, whatever
barren reality
wooden window frames
dusty desks, unsharpened pencils
feeble light, organic darkness
you see the dark
it doesn’t have a name
then there is real silence
scattered coins
uncharged cell phones
a sleeping wife
that it hits you, me, what you will
it is August 13th
what a feeling.

Nihilistic Poetry