The world’s a machine


^ A by ytuquike


Let me tell you something. It may be a hard pill to swallow. No, on second thought, maybe my criticism is hollow and attempts to belittle a world too powerful to be challenged. Besides, most people are already aware of what I’m about to say. We all are. But it doesn’t matter. I must get it out; otherwise I’ll wallow in my own disgust and perpetuate a system too cruel in its indifference. 

I‘ve been sitting here for seven hours. Patiently chatting with customers over the internet, satisfying their demands, answering their recurrent questions. Yeah, it’s as simple as it sounds.  A few minutes here with a Dan from South Africa, a few seconds there with a Marysia from Bulgaria. I’m connected to the world but between me and the rest of the globe there’s a box that displays organized patches of light and allows me to interact with people I will probably never encounter, physically or virtually, again. It’s just that – organization – that bothers me. Here I am at the threshold of a global society and my enthusiasm is imprisoned under a thick layer of discomfort.

It doesn’t make sense to me. How we got here and all that. I was involuntarily born into a world that had organized itself in this way without my consent. Here I am functioning according to it, adding fuel to its monstrous engine by my insignificant but necessary participation in its affairs. I am a mere appendage to this colossal machine, a machine that keeps rolling on and on without any constraints – makes me wonder if we could stop it should we desire to?

That fact is that it is here, an organization a priori to my existence, and I must operate according to its rules; my life with its sufferings and joys must fit the frame of modernity; my dreams are shortened by 40 hours a week which are mandatory for my basic survival. I’m no utopian, I don’t trust in any universal remedy for happiness and prosperity, yet even with my mistrust in progress I’ve perceived the approach of a conviction that promises a better world, a saner reality.

Hadn’t fear regulated most of our expectations, or if habit wouldn’t paralyze our imagination, would we still be living for minimal wages and restricting life to those scarce hours of leisure that work “allows” us? While trapped in those routines of cement and asphalt, how often do we get to experience the beauty of nature which, according to poets and sages, delivers endless moments of delight and communion with the divine?

I don’t know, I don’t care. I will continue to intoxicate myself with the monotony of uneventful hours… who cares what a screw thinks when the machine can operate without it. New screws will be born to furnish The Machine with the elixir of eternal life, namely:

Our conformity.



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La nada que soy


 Haber pisado  esta tierra

               la fría superficie de roca inmemorial

conseguir mantener el inocente asombro

ciego en mis limitaciones, mirar y contemplar

                 algo tan antiguo y elaborado

haber tomado prestado esta sustancia de cuerpo

                 atravesar únicamente una vez

pasear por esta selva de formas, noches y temores

                 participar en lo que un día habré que dejar

ser solamente una vez–  hemos de existir sin entender;

aquí perdido en laberínticas ilusiones, mis falsedades

                  respiro en este pequeño rincón de la historia

                              esta pequeña cápsula de ignorancia

soy una presencia tan pasajera, pero en su fragilidad

                  estimo su incontenible fuerza

albergo un íntimo instante de luz

lentamente anochece el rumbo del pasado

                  mis huellas silenciosas

                              mueren sin resistencia;

con la intensidad de un grano de arena

                  me acuesto a mirar las sombras, el tiempo,

la nada que soy.


Children of nowhere

Those rotten truths and the atrophy of written words

life is outside the inferno of cadaverous literature

the ever-increasing waste of past thoughts

attempting impossible resurrections

                            free the world from fossilization

allow it to burn and dismiss its ashes

our best experiences are never contained

            they roam beyond the frontiers of definition

close those covers of inky nothingness

            step into the bare unadulterated flux

                             mend with the unknown

Flee from cages of routine and metropolitan nonsense

recognize the hollow of every day

            reject the veil of prospects and careers:

                              usurpers of wonder and transformation

children of nowhere

            creators of ambiguity

exorcise the daemons of logic

                             celebrate your insanity!




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Felicidad inaudita

Danza, flotante risa

sobre los pequeños cosquilleos

          de cada grano de materia

unido al gran evento desperdiciado

la eternidad del olvido

        más grande que la expansión de los tiempos

El gozo de ver crecer y envejecer

                cada esquina oxidada 

            el tronco podrido, sin voz

el ejército inerme del Propósito

       perdido en huracanes de anarquía

La sorprendente dicha en el agónico final de Kleist!

La felicidad, la risa, la irresistible locura…

          derribando la larga historia de seriedad

regresar al juego de la extinción

                    una irresistible tentación

sin miedo al mirar el caprichoso mundo

            y decir:

                       ‘eres tan bello que no me importa verte morir’

La risa que sobrará en ecos por las ciudades desiertas

         un torbellino de felicidad

                   al borde del moribundo final


Tinges of blue



I left the office shy of two o’clock

gaining inside a shudder that could reach

just beyond the boundary of solitude.

              I raised this old neck of mine

                           the sky was me.

Belonging to dreams we no longer dare to glimpse

               futures too powerful too bear

fears that out of plain habit

covered me like husks of wisdom.

So eternally blue – with the intensity of an S

similar to the smell of dawn, depths of now

                                      bright as selflessness

        blue as sky.

A kind of rejoicing, a mystic’s forgotten book

                                       and the glory of erased words!

TO return, live a thousand sleeps

                       one more lonely death

varying degrees of godless hours

                                  those dissipated moments

hungry of freedom, so easily obscured.

               Bury me in lands of mute plants.

Blind pasts, unimportant futures.

                 The sky was me, I turned

I had gone away… hands overflowing possibility.

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¿Merecemos un día más?

Cityspace5 by Brian Backlash

El crepúsculo se desprendía de mí
como siete cuervos que alzan vuelo
de una rama sin vida, sin hojas.
Me acosté consciente de que nunca levantaría
                podría mirar las edades de los soles
sin moverme ni estremecerme.

Recordaba – mirando al tiempo—
la infinita línea férrea al horizonte
el tren fabricado por tantos hijos
que amanecían a diario con nuevos deseos,
viajaba más allá de las colinas
celebrando la inagotable fuente de curiosidad y placer
que brindaba el mundo explotado.

Había leído los testimonios de navegantes
valientes ante la fuerza bruta de la desgracia:
era la historia de la humanidad
perseverante ante innombrables desafíos.
Ya no, me dije.
Héroes y sobrevivientes
            imponiendo la voluntad de su destino
Ya no, me dije.
                     No es la metáfora de estos tiempos.

Cavé un hoyo y me acosté.
No me escondía ni esperaba nada.
Quería descansar al fin,
deslizarme a la calmada permanencia de una roca.
No quería interrumpir nunca más
              el orden de las cosas.

El amanecer se fija en mí
su luz se refleja en mis ojos
y baña este pequeño tallo de hierba
con una tenue sombra de color.
Pienso en el mundo que gira,
todo lo que hemos logrado.
Creo que el tren llegó a su fin;
podremos descansar…

Nunca imaginé que su verdor
imitara los grandes misterios;
entre dos manos protectoras
la veo crecer, hoja tras hoja de hierba

su existencia es más intensa que la mía.


Awe and confusion swirled together

Pain by Hands of Crimson (deviantart)



We fling ourselves out into the depths of this tumultuous motion (there is always an implicit decision to stay alive) – we are agonizing in the effusion of forms, attitudes and energies of this world, we succumb to the simultaneity of all events, approaching a boiling point which will end in a devastating orgasm. This life that with relentless power can lift you to regions of unshakable astonishment will drop you with equal force into the pits of boredom and suicidal retreat. It becomes an experience so intense that all those wonderful insights attained by your constant awareness to the profundity of existing forms can be, and will be, torn apart by the abysmal fissure that comes in between reality and our conceptions. Our epoch has demystified the themes of history, art, philosophy, science – any study that pierces Being and divests it from the shallowness of routine – themes we are engaged in by our simple breathing and acting  in a world that is constantly being measured, recorded, discussed and because of these, it is being doubted more than ever.


Out of the circumstance of standing on the axis of what is to come and while repeating beyond illusion the experience, over and over again, of existing as part and parcel of this monstrous universe – out of all these circumstances there arises a sentiment which remains for the most part unspoken yet when united to the urgency of our desires it wishes to break through as a divine voice, a repercussion that will echo through the immensity of space and time, an outpouring of this vital disbelief that defines our existence; in short, an eternal statement understood and recognized by everyone:



Can all this be real?



Exactly because the world’s diversity can only be matched by its incomprehensibility the human being, passenger in life, is unable to remain in the state of absolute veneration (the all-too-common fear of the unknown) and must distract himself with whatever nuisance is thrown in his way. Fortunately, there is excitement in monotony; there is pleasure in painful depressions.


We are obeying something vastly superior, something that always exceeds our two modern poisons: reason and technology. We aspired to imitate nature with those silly contrivances. We, subjects to our bodies, to history and the course of the planet, we return to bed every night insulted simply because we cannot deceive ourselves much longer: the world we have come out of has created itself and us without the tool of reason; and in that inexplicable unreasonableness it has fashioned machines infinitely superior to our latest technologies – we see it all around us, the biological world, a miraculous product abandoned by the silent God of Purposelessness.


After we finish with this continuous enigma, we open our eyes to challenge again the naked world, to tease it with our actions and desires….
“oh what a world” we say,


and reenter the game once again.




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